Tuesday, June 29

I heart Tsukiji!

Tuna leftovers, any takers?

                                   Freshness at it's best all wrapped up in an hour!

Sorry no English name for this but it's the best seafood platter we've ever tasted, only at Tsukiji market ;)

No 1 on my list now, KAISEN-DON! delightful arrays of raw fish, tuna,salmon,white fish, omelette,salmon roe & octopus on top of sticky rice. Miso soup on the side, YUMM!

Que sera sera

If it's meant to be that it's meant to be.
Not just 'jodoh' but other things as well.
I firmly believe in that.
I used to be have a roomie whom I thought back then was my bff.
Oh we've been thru it all.

But she told me, she's not the 'keep-in touch' person in other words I need to do all the phoning,email and whatnots la.
We travelled together and that kinda worked out as reality check for us.

No we're NOT meant to be bffs.
She couldn't understand how much I have changed being married with children.

So now, we don't even pretend to keep in touch.
Maybe her new gorgeous self is too busy to keep up with my SAHM lifestyle.
Ah, hope you'll have a happy life, Amiin...

Saturday, June 19

14 days of spring/summer :)

We're home! For a week already and still can't get over the so-called 'honeymoon'
(We're gonna call every trip without the kids as honeymoon from now on :P)

I've never laughed that much in 14 days and it's been the longest time skuirtgun and I spent together since Aresha arrived. So yeah, big deal ;)
No we didn't go to the countryside or enjoy the nature but I'm kinda surprised myself that a metropolitan (don't think anyone would call it romantic as public display of affection is pretty much nowhere in sight here) city can give me the same kind of feeling. Could it be that anywhere alone with him makes all the difference?

I've been worried about the kids pre-trip but when we reached there, my mind kinda focused on this one thing we rarely have. Also they're in very very good hands, and will be going out every weekend with their favorite uncles & aunties :))

Meanwhile here's some pics, we had good times..will write more soon!