Wednesday, May 31

Would you?

What would you do when you saw something you shouldn't be seeing and you can't use it against 'em yet they are going to use that incident to did something bad to you? As in damage your things and stuff?

This is crazy and it supposed to give a huge advantage to me but dear kept on saying I might be in danger. Damn! What am I supposed to do? Lock myself in?

Thursday, May 25

A letter from Marcel

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This is what I've been looking forward to all weekend.

Hi, ooooh how fantastic to see Aresha on youtube :-)))
Excellent way to share it! She has grow so much. I
wonder what her first words will be when she starts
really talking....pc or mummy ;-))
I am shopping around at the moment to get myself a new
digital camera. One that is quick, makes nice little
movies and so on. Not made up my mind yet.

Good to hear you have a car now, it makes travelling
with aresha a lot easier indeed. Maybe you can install
a keyboard and screen to the back of a front seat. That
will keep her occupied and she can do your
administration while on the road hehehe.
How's the shoehunting going? Does Faizal still hunt for
Here life is quite busy having a few shops to do and
the private mansion of the shops owner at the same
time. Means 7 days a week work for the month to come.
That's just fine with me because it will give me extra
free time later this year to travel. I will probably go
back to Vietnam around December/January. At least I

Have to get back to work now, let's stay in touch.
Love, Marcel

>He could make me smile just by reading his mails.
It's strange how can you bond with a stranger you've just met for few days.
The nicest, warmest host and most loved by Aresha. Just look at expression on Aresha's face. She adored Marcel. He even made a play area for her on our short stay @ lovely Amsterdam.
We couldn't thank you enough for making our visit unforgettable.
Oh, he's a big shot interior decorator too! Very humble and always put other ppl first. Visit Colourforkids to see his work with orphans in Vietnam and recently Kenya.

Soul Patrol!

Taylor HIcks is the new American Idol!
I looooooooooveeeeeeeeee it!
Tho' I honestly believe Chris Daughtry should've won but between him and Kath, he deserves it.
Who would've thought a grey hair 30 year old could win American hearts? Soul Patrol made it happen!

p/s: Did anybody notice that his song actually sounds so much like Bo Bice's? Must be from the same composer :)

Listen to this song carefully. It's an exclusive sneak preview of KRU's latest song Lagu Untuk Mamat for their new album diBawah Skala Richter (I hope i get it right, jangan marah yea abg2 KRU)

This is hillarious, ok ? KRU's witty approach to mock songwriters who always make songs for women, this is for all men out there. You guys are important too! LOL!
Thanks to Bob for sharing it with me and I hope I won't get sued by Edry!

Wednesday, May 24

The many faces of Aresha

Field trip
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Miss Piggy impersonation
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How can you be mad at her when she's driving you crazy with her tantrums and making a mess all over the house? Everytime I look at her , she'll draw a cheeky smile on her face and sometimes did this spontaneously!

I feel like crying when I realized that I've gone too far yelling at her when I'm really exhausted and she spill another cuppa water on the floor. She's only 18months and I love her to bits! Sorry baby, mommy didn;t mean to make you cry xoxo

Tuesday, May 2

Fix you

Coldplay is coming to Singapore in July and we'll be seeing them for the second time. Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

But,can I leave Aresha with my mom? I mean can she sleep without drinking mommy's milk all through the night? Hmm.. I gotta start giving her bottled milk (she refused to drink expressed milk in her bottle) or just warm the milk and give her in a cup, whichever way that works! I'm not gonna miss this. It's been almost 3 years that we didn't go to any concert. Managed to peep thru their lounge room window and saw Chris Martin last time, who knows if Mrs.Chris Martin came along with Apple and Moses?

Can't wait to see them live again. I even dream of bringing Aresha to the concert, haha! Too bad we can't bring her along as she's the biggest fan!