Friday, January 29

Put a smile on your face

The death of eldest teacher's mom, reminded me that it's been more than two weeks since we last visited mama & papa. Since New Year to be exact. You don't know what you got till it's gone. To be honest, while witnessing the whole funeral process/juggling with two kids inside surau, keeping their voice down & abstaining Zara from flipping my baju kurung in public, I feel extremely guilty for not visiting them more often. Two weeks! What was I thinking?

I couldn't even sleep last night, other than the heat, I kept saying to myself " I could never forgive myself if mama's gone and it only takes 40 mins drive!"
I cried in my sleep, no joke!

The looks on mama & papa's faces to see us this morning is just priceless! Their faces lit up, smiling from ear to ear ;)

Such a joy to see their grandchildren et moi arriving. A million dollar couldn't match that.

Tuesday, January 26


So The Killers didn't become a part of our Anniversary celebration, boohoo! Unforeseen circumstances forced them to cancel Asian Tour BUT will continue doing Aussie, bah!

We've traded roadtrip to SG, Zam-Zam Murtabak, Badoque Cafe, meeting my SG girls, eye candy at Orchard, queuing to get the best spot of our stage front tix & having a blast at the gig with calm, yet private night out with our girls ;) I must admit it wasn't as fun, still bummed & in disbelief (yeah I'm bitter, so what?) but it's a blessing in disguise.

The kids had so much fun tho', Zara especially enjoyed her two feet wandering around the mall. Aresha being a big sister, carefully keeping an eye on her sister, wanted to hold her hand but the trigger happy baby sis refused to!

Anywhere with my loved ones makes me complete. And I did get to show-off my new purse! (Well, not really, by the time we finish, even the mall is about to close)

Being in the arms of my dearest & girls would be the celebratory dance for this year, yayyy!

Wednesday, January 20

Anniversary comes early!

We'll turn six this Friday & look what I've got?
A custom made tri-fold wallet from One Too Many!

Skuirtgun helped me out with narrowing it down on the elements to choose from for my very own wallet.
Wasn't easy for him as it took days to find the perfect design.

This is just beautiful, the detailing inside and out, perfect stitching & I'm loving the silk lining inside ;)
It took two months to get here, well, it's handmade & worth every wait/penny!

Thank you dear, for the perfect gift, now let's get one for you as well ;)


Tuesday, January 19


Aresha is super-obsessive over her mommy recently.
She insist that I'm hers/ the sister is not cute/she's the only one who loves me..err I thought we've gone over this phase already?
She loves her sister, no doubt but cringe everytime someone else pays too much attention on Zara.
Oh, the drama!
'tis shall pass, hopefully soon!

Meanwhile here's my fav pics from last year ;)

Killer stare

Tuesday, January 12

Yayy weekend!

Weekend with my girls is always so much fun!
The laugh, the gossip & the new friend Syamil.
Also found out that someone's trying to avoid me, a shocker but couldn't care less anyway :P
Miss Reen, thank you for 2 days of giggles ;)

Monday, January 11

Time flies ;)

Look how fast they've grown!
Zara started to walk about a month ago & didn't stop ever since!
She's like our Energizer bunny, roaming around the house exploring with her own two feet ;)

Wednesday, January 6

Goodbye Tiger, you'll be sorely missed!

2009 has been a great year that ended on a sad note :(
Our beloved Tiger, broke his leg & suspected crushed one of his vital organ that leads to internal bleeding.
It was an accident, hit & run.

Skuirtgun told me Tiger literally drag himself to our door with whatever lives he still has (obviously he didn't have nine) looking around the house (most probably searching for Zara)
Over the phone, I could hear Tiger calling out, not wanting to be alone :(

We have 4 cats and this one is like no other. He sleeps with people. It could be me, Zara, my sister or guests who slept over. Definitely a part of the family.

He died 12.55am, under my kitchen.

Yesterday I thought I saw him in front of our car. Couldn't be.Just the thought of his OTT manjaness makes me sad.

Darling, we all miss you, RIP.