Friday, January 29

Put a smile on your face

The death of eldest teacher's mom, reminded me that it's been more than two weeks since we last visited mama & papa. Since New Year to be exact. You don't know what you got till it's gone. To be honest, while witnessing the whole funeral process/juggling with two kids inside surau, keeping their voice down & abstaining Zara from flipping my baju kurung in public, I feel extremely guilty for not visiting them more often. Two weeks! What was I thinking?

I couldn't even sleep last night, other than the heat, I kept saying to myself " I could never forgive myself if mama's gone and it only takes 40 mins drive!"
I cried in my sleep, no joke!

The looks on mama & papa's faces to see us this morning is just priceless! Their faces lit up, smiling from ear to ear ;)

Such a joy to see their grandchildren et moi arriving. A million dollar couldn't match that.

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Liea said...

We have to change the perception "We only apperciate when we lost someone!" :)