Friday, April 22


It was Maulidur Rasul yesterday. Planned to go out, but I guess, I'm too exhausted to do so. Managed to finished only 3 interviews at 12 noon! Didn't sleep at all the previous nights. And guess what? Aresha refused to sleep too! Her eyes were so wide, she kept herself busy so that she could accompany me. Thanks to my dearest Reza for being so kind to take 100% care of our girl. He bathe, feed, change diaper, took care of Aresha the whole night! Luckily we have so much supply of frozen ebm, so that I don't have to stop and nurse her.
So, yesterday we spent the day sleeping! Both of us just have to stay in bed because we're so flat out. Last night I finally got my precious sleep, back! Nestled myself in between my loved ones. Oh, such a heavenly feeling that was! :) I'm supposed to get back to work but I don't want to miss having myself cuddled by dearie and our lil' Aresha.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna have a photo shoot of myself and Aresha, working out together @ Fit for 2, Bangsar this 6th May. I'm not sure when it will be published, most probably in July's Mami & baby. This is my first shoot and interview, luckily the writer is my ex-roomie Rozel,so it's gonna be fun!

On the other note, Mc Kinsey S'pore just called up and they want me to do another job for them! This time it's a 60 minutes presentation..Seems like I've secured a job as their freelancer. Yeay!

Tuesday, April 19

Great work!

Hi Zach,

We would like you to complete 2 more singaporean, 1 more australian and 2 more malaysian interviews by thursday 9am.

Hope that works for you!

Thanks for the great work!

That's how my client's email reads. I'm sooooooo overjoyed. can't wait to taste my fruits of labour tho'. Hehe. Totally worth it la I didn't sleep last night. I have to cope with Aresha waking up at 3am, nursing her,poo poo some more and asking for my attention all the time! Pity dear, he couldn't sleep because Aresha kicked his tummy and merengek asking for daddy's attention. It's been 4 days that she wakes up @ 3 am, wants us to play with her. Aiyo, you choose the wrong time la baby.

Hmm wanna know what kind of freelance job that I'm doing right now? It's called transcibing interviews. basically I have to listen to the interviews and transcribe everything I heard. Pretty easy eh? But, very time consuming. The pay? RM300 per interview. There's 16 interviews altogether. You do the math, hehe.

Oh,I gotta start working immediately, no more last minute... my neck and back hurts. haven't got enough rest yet. it's not easy to juggle doing freelance and being a full time breastfeeding mommy. Hehe. No complaints, at least I could stop working for a while, play with Aresha and resume work whenever I wish.
Felt so lucky.. Hmm kena belanja Bob makan kat Friday's la macam ni. Owe him big time! i hope this gonna be a long term thingy.

I don't think i could resume work, right now, maybe get a rest and resume tonight.

Oh, Borders biggest store in the world is opening @ Berjaya Times Square! Gonna check it out this Thursday. No need to go to Singapore, we have our own Borders!!
They even have Starbucks inside! How cool is that? This is gonna be our favorite place.

Monday, April 18

Sit, baby, sit ;)

Aresha can sit without back support for the first time!!She's trying to balance herself. Showing off her new ability/skill to her Tok Ma and Tok Pa. Looks funny but I'm impressed with her development. It definitely would help when I'm introducing her to solid food right after we came back from the Singapore trip.Can't wait to take her for our first family vacation!
Spend the day at my mom's place. Obviously, Aresha had already recognized familiar faces. She seems to forgot her grandparents' faces already. She didn't cry but her facial expression shows that she's scared. She would scrutinized them,avoid eye contact or just show a blank face. This is not good, I have to bring her to their place more often. It's prety sad that after only a month she had forgotten their faces.
I wish I could spend more time with them, but I really have to go home to finish up my work. On school holidays perhaps. I know Farra misses talking, chit chatting with her big sis.I'm glad that she could adapt herself @ Sek. Teknik Rembau.Who would've thought this manja girl could be so independent, live in the hostel pulak tu! You go girl!

Friday, April 15

SUperstar! That's what you are!

I'm a proud owner of my 2nd Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary! This time, it's Nooooooooo York, in my REAL size, not 7, but 5 1/2. Dear bought himself a Berlin (finally!) and the white baby for me! How thoughtful of him! :) Love him for always thinking of me first, above anything else. If there's a baby size for these, I'm sure he'll get it for Aresha!

I would really want to get my feet on RHCP's Music series, but to get my size would be impossible. If we have a nice display shelf, we would definitely have them one display. getting our hands on Andy Warhol, Tate, Underworld-Tomato, Ian Brown,Adicolour would be really really great! Provided that we're willing to spend RM800 for each shoes la..Oh, who would've thought Adidas could be sucha luxurious sneakers eh?

We woke up @6am this morning, going to the Immigration Office @ Kompleks Wilayah
to make Aresha's passport.. Today, we realized that she'd already recognized familiar faces, our lil' almost cried when that poor uncled wanted to take her pics.
But hey, on the oher hand, the process of registration and payment only took us an hour because they have special counter for Kids. it costs us RM150. And I have to give 2 thumbs up for Robert the officer who serve us. He is very helpful and everything the slogan says "Khidmat Dengan Senyuman". He looks like a Malay but speaks Cantonese, oh so fluently. Must be a Chindian I suppose. This is what every front desk staffs/officers should be, friendly, smiling, and very helpful! Way to go!

Back to work!

3.15 am already! Still up trying so hard to transcribe as much as I could this interview thingy. Thanks to Bob, I finally got my first freelance gig. I have to finish a total of 6 interviews transcription by the end of today. Each interviews were conducted for 35 minutes!Luckily the pay is damn good or else I'd surrender. There's no easy money eh? You gotta work hard for it. I'm planning to save this up for our trip. My pocket money la.. I suppose. Should stop blogging now and resume right after finishing my tasks. I need sleep!

Sunday, April 10

S'pore vs Phuket

Okay, I've been so lazy to switch on the pc for the past week. I also wonder why? What I did the whole week was playing and entertaining(more like she entertained me) with my baby Aresha. I dozed off so easily in the morning until I realize (it happened on Thursday) that Aresha was playing quietly under the bed. This girl, moves so fast,in split seconds she could be just about anywhere. She haven't started crawling yet but sometimes I just couldn't cope with her! Felt guilty but I'm sure she fell on her hands and feet 'cause she cried only when she saw my frantic, blur face. So sneaky..if I'm not mistaken, she was holding onto something before she saw me.
Kak Anne called from S'pore asking me whether I'm going to Phuket or not.Since the bomb thingy@ Hatyai I chickened out. The IMG boys KL-S'pore are planning to go by plane but dear rather not go than flying. Nama pun Bike Week kan? We decided to cancel the Phuket trip. We're spending 4 days in Singapore at the end of the month, instead. Planning to take Aresha along, gotta get her passport ready.If it's darn cheap, might as well get her sterilizer.
Oh yeah we got back from hanging out with IMG around 2.30am. Guess what? Aresha's still wide awake waiting for us! She fell asleep on daddy's lap, just like that. So little , yet so attached to both of us. So we're thinking... should we take her on our Europe trip? Another dilemma eh?

Friday, April 1

Put your arms around me, baby

Aresha hugs me for the first time while I was feeding her and fell asleep then and there with her arms still wrap around me. Oh, what a great feeling that was!
I wish I could freeze that moment or dear were here with me to capture it on our camera.
It feels so hard to let go of her hand but I just gotta write this up , so I wouldn’t miss every detail!
She never had her own bolster, not even a pillow!(I need not explain why)
That’s why this is so important to me. She started to sleep on her side while she’s only two weeks and on the 14th week, she could sleep face down. Felt silly that I tried so hard to make her sleep like that before it's time. It will come naturally; you just have to let her take her own sweet time.
Sometimes, as a mother, I feel like I’m pushing her too hard. Well, not literally, but maybe all I need is a little patience and accept the fact that every baby has her own way, and their development is different from others.
They’re individuals, just look at it that way.

And yeah the walker thingy…I’ve come across some first time mommy’s blogs regarding this controversial issue. I’ve read about it in my reference book, magazines and on the internet. Just couldn’t remember which website and magazine tho’ cause it’s been a while. (During my pregnancy). Moreover, my mom told me that, I shouldn’t put my baby in the walker ‘cause my sister used to tip-off and fell to the floor. Sounds pretty dangerous right? The more logical/concrete reason is that my pediatrician Dr Christopher Lim from Ampang Puteri Medical Center stressed out to us that we should never put Aresha in the walker is it will not encourage the natural process of walking. The baby is walking because it has wheels, not because she already knew how to walk.
See,I don’t talk cock, ok? Luckily, we have the answers beforehand when my mil suggested to put our lil’ girl in it.

Caring for an infant is not easy even when the fact that you’ve done research and read a lot before having one. I’m always scared that my parents would say,
“Eh, kau baru anak satu dah nak tunjuk pandai,” can be translated as
“You’ve just had a baby, whaddaya know?” or something like that..

That’s why I choose to take care of my baby myself. I’ve received mixed reactions from relatives and friends.

Some said, “ Good laaa , you can make sure your baby is in a good hand,”

“ I envy you, I wish I could do the same,”

Others would say, “Rugilaa, belajar tinggi-tinggi duduk rumah je,”

“You really don’t trust other people, eh,”

Sometimes it hurts to hear their commentary. Some people just don’t know how to mind their own business.
This is my life. I choose what I want to do with it. As long as my dearest is behind me, I’m in a good hand. :)