Monday, April 18

Sit, baby, sit ;)

Aresha can sit without back support for the first time!!She's trying to balance herself. Showing off her new ability/skill to her Tok Ma and Tok Pa. Looks funny but I'm impressed with her development. It definitely would help when I'm introducing her to solid food right after we came back from the Singapore trip.Can't wait to take her for our first family vacation!
Spend the day at my mom's place. Obviously, Aresha had already recognized familiar faces. She seems to forgot her grandparents' faces already. She didn't cry but her facial expression shows that she's scared. She would scrutinized them,avoid eye contact or just show a blank face. This is not good, I have to bring her to their place more often. It's prety sad that after only a month she had forgotten their faces.
I wish I could spend more time with them, but I really have to go home to finish up my work. On school holidays perhaps. I know Farra misses talking, chit chatting with her big sis.I'm glad that she could adapt herself @ Sek. Teknik Rembau.Who would've thought this manja girl could be so independent, live in the hostel pulak tu! You go girl!

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