Friday, April 22


It was Maulidur Rasul yesterday. Planned to go out, but I guess, I'm too exhausted to do so. Managed to finished only 3 interviews at 12 noon! Didn't sleep at all the previous nights. And guess what? Aresha refused to sleep too! Her eyes were so wide, she kept herself busy so that she could accompany me. Thanks to my dearest Reza for being so kind to take 100% care of our girl. He bathe, feed, change diaper, took care of Aresha the whole night! Luckily we have so much supply of frozen ebm, so that I don't have to stop and nurse her.
So, yesterday we spent the day sleeping! Both of us just have to stay in bed because we're so flat out. Last night I finally got my precious sleep, back! Nestled myself in between my loved ones. Oh, such a heavenly feeling that was! :) I'm supposed to get back to work but I don't want to miss having myself cuddled by dearie and our lil' Aresha.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna have a photo shoot of myself and Aresha, working out together @ Fit for 2, Bangsar this 6th May. I'm not sure when it will be published, most probably in July's Mami & baby. This is my first shoot and interview, luckily the writer is my ex-roomie Rozel,so it's gonna be fun!

On the other note, Mc Kinsey S'pore just called up and they want me to do another job for them! This time it's a 60 minutes presentation..Seems like I've secured a job as their freelancer. Yeay!

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