Friday, April 15

SUperstar! That's what you are!

I'm a proud owner of my 2nd Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary! This time, it's Nooooooooo York, in my REAL size, not 7, but 5 1/2. Dear bought himself a Berlin (finally!) and the white baby for me! How thoughtful of him! :) Love him for always thinking of me first, above anything else. If there's a baby size for these, I'm sure he'll get it for Aresha!

I would really want to get my feet on RHCP's Music series, but to get my size would be impossible. If we have a nice display shelf, we would definitely have them one display. getting our hands on Andy Warhol, Tate, Underworld-Tomato, Ian Brown,Adicolour would be really really great! Provided that we're willing to spend RM800 for each shoes la..Oh, who would've thought Adidas could be sucha luxurious sneakers eh?

We woke up @6am this morning, going to the Immigration Office @ Kompleks Wilayah
to make Aresha's passport.. Today, we realized that she'd already recognized familiar faces, our lil' almost cried when that poor uncled wanted to take her pics.
But hey, on the oher hand, the process of registration and payment only took us an hour because they have special counter for Kids. it costs us RM150. And I have to give 2 thumbs up for Robert the officer who serve us. He is very helpful and everything the slogan says "Khidmat Dengan Senyuman". He looks like a Malay but speaks Cantonese, oh so fluently. Must be a Chindian I suppose. This is what every front desk staffs/officers should be, friendly, smiling, and very helpful! Way to go!

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