Friday, April 1

Put your arms around me, baby

Aresha hugs me for the first time while I was feeding her and fell asleep then and there with her arms still wrap around me. Oh, what a great feeling that was!
I wish I could freeze that moment or dear were here with me to capture it on our camera.
It feels so hard to let go of her hand but I just gotta write this up , so I wouldn’t miss every detail!
She never had her own bolster, not even a pillow!(I need not explain why)
That’s why this is so important to me. She started to sleep on her side while she’s only two weeks and on the 14th week, she could sleep face down. Felt silly that I tried so hard to make her sleep like that before it's time. It will come naturally; you just have to let her take her own sweet time.
Sometimes, as a mother, I feel like I’m pushing her too hard. Well, not literally, but maybe all I need is a little patience and accept the fact that every baby has her own way, and their development is different from others.
They’re individuals, just look at it that way.

And yeah the walker thingy…I’ve come across some first time mommy’s blogs regarding this controversial issue. I’ve read about it in my reference book, magazines and on the internet. Just couldn’t remember which website and magazine tho’ cause it’s been a while. (During my pregnancy). Moreover, my mom told me that, I shouldn’t put my baby in the walker ‘cause my sister used to tip-off and fell to the floor. Sounds pretty dangerous right? The more logical/concrete reason is that my pediatrician Dr Christopher Lim from Ampang Puteri Medical Center stressed out to us that we should never put Aresha in the walker is it will not encourage the natural process of walking. The baby is walking because it has wheels, not because she already knew how to walk.
See,I don’t talk cock, ok? Luckily, we have the answers beforehand when my mil suggested to put our lil’ girl in it.

Caring for an infant is not easy even when the fact that you’ve done research and read a lot before having one. I’m always scared that my parents would say,
“Eh, kau baru anak satu dah nak tunjuk pandai,” can be translated as
“You’ve just had a baby, whaddaya know?” or something like that..

That’s why I choose to take care of my baby myself. I’ve received mixed reactions from relatives and friends.

Some said, “ Good laaa , you can make sure your baby is in a good hand,”

“ I envy you, I wish I could do the same,”

Others would say, “Rugilaa, belajar tinggi-tinggi duduk rumah je,”

“You really don’t trust other people, eh,”

Sometimes it hurts to hear their commentary. Some people just don’t know how to mind their own business.
This is my life. I choose what I want to do with it. As long as my dearest is behind me, I’m in a good hand. :)

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