Tuesday, April 19

Great work!

Hi Zach,

We would like you to complete 2 more singaporean, 1 more australian and 2 more malaysian interviews by thursday 9am.

Hope that works for you!

Thanks for the great work!

That's how my client's email reads. I'm sooooooo overjoyed. can't wait to taste my fruits of labour tho'. Hehe. Totally worth it la I didn't sleep last night. I have to cope with Aresha waking up at 3am, nursing her,poo poo some more and asking for my attention all the time! Pity dear, he couldn't sleep because Aresha kicked his tummy and merengek asking for daddy's attention. It's been 4 days that she wakes up @ 3 am, wants us to play with her. Aiyo, you choose the wrong time la baby.

Hmm wanna know what kind of freelance job that I'm doing right now? It's called transcibing interviews. basically I have to listen to the interviews and transcribe everything I heard. Pretty easy eh? But, very time consuming. The pay? RM300 per interview. There's 16 interviews altogether. You do the math, hehe.

Oh,I gotta start working immediately, no more last minute... my neck and back hurts. haven't got enough rest yet. it's not easy to juggle doing freelance and being a full time breastfeeding mommy. Hehe. No complaints, at least I could stop working for a while, play with Aresha and resume work whenever I wish.
Felt so lucky.. Hmm kena belanja Bob makan kat Friday's la macam ni. Owe him big time! i hope this gonna be a long term thingy.

I don't think i could resume work, right now, maybe get a rest and resume tonight.

Oh, Borders biggest store in the world is opening @ Berjaya Times Square! Gonna check it out this Thursday. No need to go to Singapore, we have our own Borders!!
They even have Starbucks inside! How cool is that? This is gonna be our favorite place.

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