Saturday, December 30

Salam Aidiladha & Happy New Year!

Salam Aidiladha to all my friends, may you have a happy and blessed Aidiladha.
I know most of you may already be at your kampungs respectively and this time we'll be celebrating Eid with dad's side of the family in Segamat. It's gonna be dearie's first time there after almost 3 years of marriage. (Don't ask me why ;) )
Tonite we'll have mama and papa's 27th Anniversary celebration. I already cooked Mee Hong Kong and Erie's gonna buy a cake. Silly me I forgot to wish them on the 21st so we decided to make a surprise party for them :). 27 years wow!

In a sad note, Saddam Hussien is now dead executed by Iraqis. Well I know he's a dictator and all but I still find it sad that he has to go that way. I read that many Iraqis who lost their families were really happy that he's gone for sure but what makes me more happy is to see the PUSA who hides behind his humanity mask die in agony and humiliation. Say what you wanna say. I'm gonna stick with this.

We'll be back on Monday and hope y'all have a safe journey home.
It's ironic to celebrate Eid and New Year's Eve on the same day but we stopped celebrating New Year few years back so it doesn't matter. We hope for a wonderful year in 2007 and maybe some travel soon? Have a great one!

Friday, December 29

Xmas in S'pore

These pics were taken almost a month ago while we shop in S'pore.
Notice those cute little All Star on Aresha's feet? I've been searching hi and lo for this sneakers since Aresha was born and we found it in S'pore for just SGD29!
Aresha's becoming more attached to her daddy each day and I just love seeing them together.
The past few days she even sleeps on daddy's chest, which is soo sweeeet. Don't u just love it when daddy and daughter bond that well?

Friday, December 15


I so wanted Jeffrey to win Project Runway 3. Why? Maybe because he's a punk who successfully made a living being a fashion designer, or I'm always a punk at heart (pffft) and married to a punk who's also a great designer. He's not your typical gay designer. Tattooed, mohawk and all, just a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry.
Laura is such a b**** for pointing it out at Tim about his sewing skills or is it such a great finishing on his leather jeans. So what if he used "outside" help? That's none of your business! Why can't you just shut up and get on with your buttons and hooks?
Tonight we'll see how it goes, but it seems like Jeffrey is gonna be disqualified and she seems happy to eliminate one contender away. I just wanna see wonderful design by a punk on a runway, ala Vivianne Westwood or Malcolm Mclaren. I guess it won't happen eh?