Thursday, April 30

Tweet & market view

I think I've tweeted about feeling trés content since I got my fridge fully restocked!
Went Pasar Pudu (by far the best wetmarket ever! Even Chef Wan said so!)
spent RM100 for bags full of fresh crabs, big prawns aka udang galah, tilapia merah, tomatoes, squid, etc. So satisfying and I should bring my camera next time!

I'm only motivated to experiment and cook fancy stuffs when i have everything in the fridge, so far we had eggplant pizzas, all made from scratch, tonight we'll be having chili crab and maybe buttered prawn along with zucchini and eggplant tempura, yummm!

I guess i have a new passion, reviewing markets!
When we were in Europe i spent hours @ Barcelona Merkat and Portobello....
Now where do i start?

Monday, April 27


Gone are my gloomy days I'm now ready for a new challenge.
Something big is coming....
That will be announced..... by the end of this week!

I'm keeping myself busy bee, with the chores the weekly menu, tutoring and sometimes babysitting (not my kids, :P, the neighbour's kids)

Last Saturday we checked out dear's new office. Bigger space to give way for Mr. CD!
Minimalize yet chic. I think he's loving his new job, though it needs time to familiarize with ;)

Thursday, April 16

So much for nothing

Friends advised me to not get affected by this.
I tried.

Why can't they leave me alone?

Politics is just everywhere.

I don't wanna get sucked in.

From now on, ignorance is bliss.
It will remain that way I'm afraid.

Friends and dearest, you know who you are thank you for being my pillar of strength.

That aside, i love the fact that Nad is glowing ;-)
We met for quick lunch and she's prettier than ever!
Babe, I'm happy for you!

Wednesday, April 8

Newborn are just beautiful :)

Congratulations to Renee & Josh on the birth of Maxence aka Taco
Beautiful baby :)

Home birth which I wish I could.
The comfort of own bed and surroundings, ahhh!

Now that makes me feel like having another baby, but wait! Zara needs me, but I'm absolutely sure she's not gonna be the last ;)

Saturday, April 4

The sisters I love :-)

What a joy to have these two girls :))

Aresha adores her sister with a hint of 'geramness'
Look at her expression, she would pinch Zara's cheeks as if she's a doll!

They're gonna be bff, like any sisters would ;)

Hosting & loving it!

It's been a while since we last hosted, January that is!

So, having new baby doesn't stop us from doing so, apparently!

We had fun times with Mads & Sarah, look @ the dinner they made for us, yumm!
even our cats loves her, sleeps with her every nite!

Our previous hosts in BKK & Barcelona is coming, next week & June, yeay!

Wednesday, April 1

Saturday nite out

I'm just hopeless when it comes to updating this blog.

Talk about hopeless, the supposedly thirty minutes Walk of Hope didn't go as scheduled, lasted only for ten minutes and the organizer had a brilliant idea lighting up the candle in a papercup. VERY environmental friendly.

We wasted our time there quickly redeemed by girly,cheesy naan session. I had two of those heavenly naan btw.
A CS couple joined us a petite Greek guy & his Lithuanian wife. They are just soooo enthusiastic telling us stories and jokes.
A lesbian joke that I only find funny when he explained it to me, lol!
And i wish i knew about Oxfam when we were in UK.
They both made it easy for us to have a conversation.
I didn't take any pictures, i'd be the last to upload anyway, but girls,my R's you guys made my day!