Saturday, April 4

The sisters I love :-)

What a joy to have these two girls :))

Aresha adores her sister with a hint of 'geramness'
Look at her expression, she would pinch Zara's cheeks as if she's a doll!

They're gonna be bff, like any sisters would ;)


anne said...

lil zara is soo cute and thanks for the msg too...well its still early but by the looks of it...the lil boy might be impatient to see the world soon...ehhehe

Zach Reza said...

Awww thanks Anne :)

Your boy must be kicking and making himself out, hehe

From my experience, all my girls prefer to stay longer and bigger, lol!

Anonymous said...

zachhhhh.. am so jealous of u la.. i nak baby girl jugak!!! geraaammm tgk aresha n zara... yup, they gonna be bff bila dah besar nanti..


Zach Reza said...

matun- Make one :P
But your boys are really loving too! But I totally understand what you mean :)

Sisters are different kan? ;)

Anonymous said...

yes they both are loving towards each other.. tapi in a kasar way kot :P

sisters ni cam best sket... like u said la... ;)

oh btw, i've reopened my blog to my readers again. terlupa nak notify u!