Monday, January 19

The day he got" Mark"ed!

Someone smiling from ear to ear yesterday :)
We saw this at the boutique before raya and now he's wearing it to work!

It wasn't an easy decision to make but in the end it makes us all happy.

*and that's a rare smile from him, my Reza hardly smile on camera ;)

Sunday, January 11

Ladies day & cheese naan

What is more sinful than chocolat?
Cheese naan! And it is not just ordinary cheese , it's mozzarella!
Worth every single cent ok!

It tastes even yummier when you're having it with these two lovely ladies, mes amies Reen & Ratna (hey that's double R!)

Reen came all the way with ERL, all feverish and couldn't even taste tht delicious bread but that doesn't stop us from having a good laugh.
That is also the first time meeting Ratna with her oh-so-lovely dread (sadly also the last as she shaved it off few days later, still looking gorgeous tho!)

Dear was being so nice to let me have my so-called ladies nite.
He took care of the babes which I must say,an excellent job.
Both girls smells even better than before I left them, lol!

Thanks to R & R for making it happen & the other R for being such a sweetie :)

Thursday, January 8

I don't wanna go to school!

She slept late and woke up cranky this morning.

Refusing to go to school and get into her uniform.

That little drama queen made daddy woke up and talk into her.

Holiday doesn't work.

Her fav Kit Kat bar doesn't work either.

She said 'Aresha nak buang baju, nak gunting'

' Tak nak sekolah!'

All because of she didn't get enough sleep.

I took her hand, we're 5 minutes late.

As soon as we reached the school gate she pulled my hand, so I carry her.

Cikgu Anita smiled as she saw us, it must be pretty normal scenario for her.

10 minutes in front of classroom door. After a while she gave in but the teacher has to carry her pulak this time :P

Oh well...

Wednesday, January 7

So much for 2009

Aresha now goes to kindy and sleeps in her own room.
She turned into a big girl in just one day.
She found her strength to go through ear piercing (after 2 attempts prior to this where she ran away as she saw the gun)
And now, she plays with my FB status and uploaded pics from my iPod without me noticing! Arghh!

After 3 days going to kindy she told me "Why didn't the teacher teach me ABC mommy?"
Wonder why? She wants to learn how to read so that she can email and play FB!
Okay, that's scary, right?
She just turned 4 two months ago and might want to have her own FB profile soon!
I'm so not ready for this!

On another note,Zara smiles a lot and wants to to sit so that she can watch tv and look around. And that's her, fell asleep while watching telly :P
She has such a beautiful smile and loves to talk (babble or whatever you call it)
The last few days she's been asking us to pick her up and sit on our lap, smart girl.
I was fooled twice, when I thought that she cries for milk but no, no she just want me to hold her for a while and gave me a huge smile right after that.
Morning feeds are quite easy, she didn't wake up after her last feed (or she fell asleep when nobody picks her up, perhaps?) and knowing that daddy usually take her outta the cot, she'd rather want us to play with her than mommy's milk! That just happened 2 days ago, and no matter how sleepy we are, we just can't resist her cooing that adorable chubby face :)