Monday, July 14

spring cleaning in summertime

I have three months before my EDD to make sure the house is spotless.
Been procrastinating for quite sometime (oh well, blame it on the pregnancy)
We have to make room for the kids.
That means the double decker bed from the landlord has to be disassembled and stashed in the store room.

We thought of moving out to a new place once our contract ended but last night after having a discussion, we decided to stay for another year and save for our 2nd house's downpayment(For those who wonder why 2nd, please don't make me explain, buat sakit hati je :P)

Goal for 2009, to be financially independent, that is to clear all the credit card debts and save for our next holiday and the house.

Okay, back to spring cleaning.

Things to be done:

1- Kids' bedroom
Not much to buy just new bedsheets, mattress (note: must be girly and pink),curtain and some shelves for toys and books

Buy new rack for the stoves, major cleaning up - that is dear's task, hehe

3- Rearrange and tidy up the storage room
to make room for the double decker bedframe, and other stuffs that we rarely use.

4- maintain the cleanliness of the house especially the living room
that means Aresha's toys has to be in her room not laying around anymore

The list is not that long but we only have few months to make sure everything's ready . I often get backaches now so I wouldn't be much help in the future.
Started with things I could do own my own while dear's at work.

I'm surprised that suddenly I got this energy to do everything, though I'm quite worried that I push myself too hard.

Managed to clean up the guest room (which will converted to the kids' room soon), and we agreed on spending 30 minutes everyday to clean the storage room, so it is 25% done now :)

We're quite pleased with the progress and hope to meet the deadline (before Ramadhan)
By that time I might not be able to do much anymore.

Now, I gotta go and finish vacuuming the living room, 2 cats + one toddler = countless time of vacuuming everyday!

Monday, July 7


It's sad that we're becoming a nation of selfish and discourteous.
Why such a statement?

I've experienced it myself last night.
Aresha and I took LRT from Masjid Jamek (as our bus stopped @Puduraya)
It was 10.30pm.
LRT was packed like a sardine can, I was standing near a pole and kept on reminding Aresha to hold on to one.

Then at KLCC station more people got in and we front of the seats that clearly stated for pregnant women, women with child, elderly etc. I kept glancing on the sign and looking at the faces of people who sat there, nobody offered me a seat. Okay, expected.

Last time I got a seat, was when Carolina (a Cser from Argentina) asked a girl to get up for this pregnant lady. It works and the girl smiled sheepishly(more like stupidly for being so ignorant)

To be honest, I don't really need a seat but after a while, Aresha made a fuss and whine saying that she's tired. A 3 1/2 year old toddler couldn't endure 20 minutes train ride, anybody could see that, but hey! Everybody just pretend they didn't hear her or see her crying! Maybe they thought 'why the hell is the pregnant lady and her daughter took this train? I'm not giving up my seat!' There's this lady who kept glancing at me, but her ass is too heavy kot?

Seriously, I vow to teach Aresha common courtesy. I'm not saying that their parents didn't taught them well, but sometimes we forgot the importance of being polite and courteous.

Maybe I don't look pregnant? I'm just a fat lady with a huge tummy.
I don't deserve a seat.
Maybe I should just stay home since I'm pregnant.

And we still call ourselves rakyat Malaysia 'berbudi bahasa and bersopan santun'?

Thursday, July 3

Monthly getaway

I didn't realize I was travelling to neigbouring countries every month since April.
First it was Phuket, then short weekend visit to S'pore in May(which coincides with Great S'pore Sale but everything is too expensive even after discount!) Last 2 weeks we were in Bandung for 4 days (sans Aresha,and I don't feel that guilty anymore, though I kept thinking about her all the time!) and tomorrow we're off to Hatyai!

Looks like I'm pushing myself to the limit eh? Backaches doesn't stop me from long-haul bus ride. Heck, I used to ride on Faizal's Springer till 9 months when I was preggy with Aresha! But I do get tired easily compared to the last one. However when we were in Bandung last time, I didn't feel exhausted at all from walking and shopping (typical , woman!) until we get home and couldn't get up the whole day!

Strangely enough we only bought a shirt for the baby. Aresha on the other hand got herself a whole lotta dresses, skirts, even a hat! I went gaga over toddler clothes but err infant clothes didn't attract my attention. Don't ask me why, I just don't fell like buying.
Maybe because there are hands-me-down from Aresha, it will be a totally different scenario if this is our first.

I love Bandung people, well generally Indonesian. Made friends with Csers from Bandung and Jakarta. They were so nice to send me back to the hotel :)
Not to forget the staffs at Rip Curl's clearance sale @ Chiwalk. They were so excited to know that I came from KL, the best customer service I've ever had in my entire life!

What I love the most of Bandung (which explains why Jakarta people always flock Bandung during weekends) is the cheap food, strawberry juice!, romantic cafes and restaurants at the hilltop.

Will definitely coming back for more next year. My Bandung friends had already offered to take me around exploring Bandung (other than FO's of course!)