Thursday, July 3

Monthly getaway

I didn't realize I was travelling to neigbouring countries every month since April.
First it was Phuket, then short weekend visit to S'pore in May(which coincides with Great S'pore Sale but everything is too expensive even after discount!) Last 2 weeks we were in Bandung for 4 days (sans Aresha,and I don't feel that guilty anymore, though I kept thinking about her all the time!) and tomorrow we're off to Hatyai!

Looks like I'm pushing myself to the limit eh? Backaches doesn't stop me from long-haul bus ride. Heck, I used to ride on Faizal's Springer till 9 months when I was preggy with Aresha! But I do get tired easily compared to the last one. However when we were in Bandung last time, I didn't feel exhausted at all from walking and shopping (typical , woman!) until we get home and couldn't get up the whole day!

Strangely enough we only bought a shirt for the baby. Aresha on the other hand got herself a whole lotta dresses, skirts, even a hat! I went gaga over toddler clothes but err infant clothes didn't attract my attention. Don't ask me why, I just don't fell like buying.
Maybe because there are hands-me-down from Aresha, it will be a totally different scenario if this is our first.

I love Bandung people, well generally Indonesian. Made friends with Csers from Bandung and Jakarta. They were so nice to send me back to the hotel :)
Not to forget the staffs at Rip Curl's clearance sale @ Chiwalk. They were so excited to know that I came from KL, the best customer service I've ever had in my entire life!

What I love the most of Bandung (which explains why Jakarta people always flock Bandung during weekends) is the cheap food, strawberry juice!, romantic cafes and restaurants at the hilltop.

Will definitely coming back for more next year. My Bandung friends had already offered to take me around exploring Bandung (other than FO's of course!)


Anonymous said...

waahhhhhhhhh.. hatyai pulak??? bestnyaaaaaaaaa... i ni duk rumah jek la jaga budak2 :P

have fun & take care ok! :)


Zach Reza said...

Yeah short weekend trip :)

Ala u bole jugak, anyway u almost every week retail therapy, lol!

Will do dear, thanks!

MINXX said...

seronoknya babe... mesti bakal kakak happy dapat banyak new thing. miss both of you

Zach Reza said...

bakal kakak tak dapat apa pun, but she is so excited even going to 7-eleven! lol!

Miss you too dear, bila nak jumpa ni?