Monday, February 28


I'm off to USJ aka my mom's place this afternoon. Papa and Fara gonna pick me up.
We're buying a cake for mama and going out for dinner tonight. It's mama's 51st birthday but she looks younger than her actual age.
Love ya ma, Bon Anniversaire!
May Allah bless you always!

Saturday, February 26

A visit to remember

I made two appointments... One for Aresha and another one for me. I need advice on contraceptions. Aresha is too young to have a sister or brother. I have Implanon in mind, a second opinion is important. My gynae should know what's best for me. Got up early,bathe and preparing Aresha for her visit to a new paed.
We were going up and down the lift to find the paed that I've made the appointment with. She's no 5 in line, so I decided to go to meet my gynae first. I was told that I'm gonna have my pap smear today. Err.. that was totally uncalled for. Mind you, my gynae is a man. A very nice man indeed, but still I'm not comfortable.
After the catch up thingy and my 101 questions on birth control..I can't make up my mind..we'll go home and decide later,perhaps.Then,after scanning,and check-up..he told me that pap smear will be done on my next visit.Aiyah I have to go through the whole process again? Why can't it be done and get over with,today?
N'mind I'm sure I'll be prepared next month. Even he commented on how strong Aresha's head movements was.For her age,she's ahead of everybody she could turn everywhere she desired to, especially when the place is new to her.

Okay, now it's Aresha's turn.One thing about her, she hates it when people touch her head (macam pantanglah tu). So, when the nurse tried to measure the diametre of her head, she wriggled, screamed and cried loudly.She's getting five immunization including polio today.. all in one shot. This time she cried a little. Daddy worked his magic on her, and she's smiling again. The paedtrician asked whether I'm still breastfeeding. he told me to keep on breastfeeding until she's one or two..Why? Because formula milk is expensive! I swear that's what he said. :)
I asked for advice on weaning and found out that I could only give her rice cereals, for a start to avoid allergy.Fruit juices(non citrus) can only be given when she's 7 months.You gotta introduce new food to the baby slowly and Ribena, Vitagen are crap (high in sugar)So many things to remember. Need to do more research on this.

Back home, the three of us were so tired that we slept then and there on the sofa. Never thought it would be so tiring.

Thursday, February 24

Tuan Director

Congrats to my dearie on becoming an AD. You deserve it dear.Like Shidin said, people are watching and like I always say to you, your work speak for itself.
It's true eh Aresha's birth is a blessing and 'rezeki' for us. I choose to stay home to take care of her and now you're making more than enough to support your two sayangs..hehe.
You're more than happy when you could navigate the art direction for Pages and Surf (available in May) and now a promotion? We've been so blessed since we got married kan?
I'm soooo proud of you. A truly gifted artist. You must be smiling from ear to ear today.Yippee yeay! We'll be having dinner very soon :)

On another note, we woke up this morning with sore throat. Don't you just hate it when you're having a sore throat? Everything tastes so dull. I have runny nose summore! What's the temperature out there, 42 degrees?

Wednesday, February 23


I'm down with bad fever since last night. I couldn't sleep, shivered the whole night through.
Dearie, such a darling, put on wet towel on my neck and took EL just to take care of me.
I'm actually worried about Aresha, she's having runny nose. Did she get it from me?
The best thing about her is that she never cried albeit her body is slightly warm and the cold.
Here's some pics that I took last Friday, very amateurish I must say.

Froggy, always by her side

Sunday, February 20

Aresha's 2nd Day Out

Went to KLCC..bought birthday prezzie for mama's big day next Monday. Aresha's been so excited since dearie bathe her. She look so happy, maybe she knew that we're about to take her out. The last time we took her was 2 weeks ago, to IKANO. Really love seeing her kicking her legs, and move her hands frantically. She had a big smile on her face.
This time she slept only for a wink while I was browsing through Mambo clothes. Dearie's getting me a boardshort for our Phuket trip in April. Yeay! Been eyeing on Roxy's bikini but damn, after 50% it's still almost 100 bucks. N'mind, next time I guess.
Our shopping spree was a brief one, maybe because Aresha's awake, she hates it when her stroller didn't move, so dearie have to move around the boutique or store each time I'm buying/browsing. It wasn't enjoyable for us but hey anything that makes Aresha happy, makes my day!

Saturday, February 19

F***in' Travel Fair

Before I go on the title above... I wanna just shout and say Wuhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
We're going to Europe on a shoestring in September. Hehe
BOught the tickets yesterday.. will be leaving to Liverpool to meet up with my dearest friend Eva via Manchester on the 16th of September and be back home a month after that via London.
We will be celebrating dearie's birthday and fasting in Liverpool laa nampaknya.
I'll be busy surfin' the net onwards to find cheap accomodations, route and transport to travel around Europe... to those who've been there...please gimme a tips or two...
Would really appreciate ur help.

Why f***in' MAS travel fair? Ok, imagine this, the organizer's booth is divided between the Golden Holidays and Bookings and Deposit Payment. We came not to loiter around finding the best bargain but with a purpose buying the tix. As soon as we saw MAS booth with GOLDEN HOLIDAYS signage, we queue...for 2 hours. When we reach the counter, the staff told us it is for GOLDEN HOLIDAYS ONLY. Wtf is that? They assume everybody knew by just putting a sign DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL. Nobody told us it's for holiday packages ONLY!!
So there we go, wasted 2 freakin' hours and have to start queuing all over again. For bookings, the booth is separated by an escalator. What a strategic location. Heh. Luckily this line move faster. To make the matter worse, none of the staffs could do anything to help us. Is this what you call good service?

Friday, February 18

Thursday, February 17

Froggy and Lil' Aresha

Here's three snapshots of Aresha playing with her gym and Mr Froggy
Been trying so hard to make her smile.
Next time I guess

Aresha 2 months and 29 days

Looking at her beloved Froggy

Wondering what were Mommy doing

Oops she did it again!

12.30am, Aresha is shrieking, kicking her feet and move her hands frantically. She's so excited. Kicking her daddy's tummy for attention. False alarm. Earlier, around 11. she fell asleep while I'm feeding her. Half an hour later, she woke up, eyes open wide, ready to play.
Problem not solved, yet.

Tuesday, February 15

My spoilt lil' angel

Just came back from my mom's place last night. Spent a week with mi familia Aresha is so spoilt now, when we were there, mama, papa, Farra, Erie and atuk couldn't get their hands off my baby. The moment Aresha cried everybody would jump and picked her up. She's the apple of everyone's eyes. The first grand daughter of both sides. As I was on my way back from USJ, mak called, she misses Aresha so much.
Today,back to the same old routine, prepare breakfast for my dearie, beef salami and turkey sandwich, yummy! Bathe Aresha, feed and fell asleep with her, surf the net, sterilize her bottles, wash her clothes etc etc. To my surprise... Aresha wants me to be with her all the time. Couldn't left her alone( 30 mins max!)She wants me to play with her, cuddle and pick her up whenever she cries. She could scream on top of her lungs whenever she felt my presence weren't there by her side. Oh, I just wish she could be independent, not too attached to me, so that I could do the house chores.
But she's such an angel tonight....fell asleep @9pm. Only wakes up whenever she feels hungry. Love ya baby...I hope this pattern would stay forever. ;). Sleeping problem. Solved.For today.
Time to kick back, relax, watch Die Hard on Star Movies with my man.

Saturday, February 5

the trouble with sleeping

It's 1am and I've just put Aresha inside her crib. Last nite it took me only half an hour to put her to sleep. Actually I fell asleep while feeding her.(heheh) Should I be worried that her sleeping pattern is not routine yet? One night she'll sleep early, the other night she'll stay awake until she's feeling tired . Just now she actually watch the tv with me and fell asleep on my lap.
Tomorrow we're getting sterilizer and some toys for Aresha. She's almost 3 months now..2 weeks to go!

Thursday, February 3


Dear's on mc today and yesterday.. Poor dearie, he's getting backache each time he's home from long rides. I guess drag handlebar wouldn't work for him. Now changed to mini ape hanger ala Indian Larry. Way cool! Looks more 'outlaw', hehe. I hope this will be the cure to backaches.

I'm blogging while dearie's taking a nap and Aresha lying beside her daddy sucking her thumb. She's now so excited to roll over. It's funny to see her yawn loudly and trying so hard to wake her daddy up. Kicking daddy wouldn't help, baby... He's gone far away to his la-la land.