Tuesday, May 19


Skuirtgun tweeted me on this new release ;)
He'll get it for me, yippee yeay!

Goes matchy-matchy with my el-cheapo Kiss tee.

I'm walking on clouds now~


Aresha cracked me up this evening.
I handed her slices of orange, her favorite fruit btw.
She forgot to say thanks.

I reminded her, " Did you forget something?'

"Oh, Thank you, mommy,WOLEKOM!"

I was like, 'Assalamulaikum' correcting her la konon.

Then I realized, she meant "Welcome"
LOL! Kids say the darndest thing, don't they? ;)

Monday, May 18

Too many things so little time!
May seems to pass oh so rapidly!
We have family wedding and getaway scheduled end of the month till early June ;)

Quite occupied with the CS City Attack Fest meetings and whatnots.

Did managed to check out Tenderfist + Homogenic and catch up with bff Ain :) Awesome!
Haven't met her since Lekman's @ Annexe! Waaaay too long!
Sorry darl you almost become my personal doctor pulak, teehee!
Loving ur new look!

Skuirtgun was being so sweet to let me stay till the wee hours ;)

I had so much fun just chit chatting accompanied by all these talented musicians.
Next time, Nad should join us, right, Ain?