Thursday, May 25

Soul Patrol!

Taylor HIcks is the new American Idol!
I looooooooooveeeeeeeeee it!
Tho' I honestly believe Chris Daughtry should've won but between him and Kath, he deserves it.
Who would've thought a grey hair 30 year old could win American hearts? Soul Patrol made it happen!

p/s: Did anybody notice that his song actually sounds so much like Bo Bice's? Must be from the same composer :)

Listen to this song carefully. It's an exclusive sneak preview of KRU's latest song Lagu Untuk Mamat for their new album diBawah Skala Richter (I hope i get it right, jangan marah yea abg2 KRU)

This is hillarious, ok ? KRU's witty approach to mock songwriters who always make songs for women, this is for all men out there. You guys are important too! LOL!
Thanks to Bob for sharing it with me and I hope I won't get sued by Edry!

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