Monday, July 18


Last weekend was a blast, apart from going out with Aresha 2 days in a row, we discovered her new skills (?) too! She actually talk in her sleep for the first time! My oh my! I can't believe how fast time flies. My girl, is BIG girl now. She slept quite early on Friday and being so active before that, she uttered her favorite word " Daaaag, daaag!" and went back to her la-la land shortly. I was talking with my dearie and we didn't have the chance to record the precious moment. I guess we never know when it will happen again.
Oh, did I tell you she's so chirpy the past few days? She knows how to call us, (not by saying mommy and daddy) but a casual "Eh!" It's kinda funny to hear our little baby trying to get our attention by saying it over and over again when we are not looking at her. Hmm, what else? Ok, I'm not just saying this, but she did llllllllooooooooveeeeeeeeee Coldplay's Speed of Sound!! Not just the video clip but the song it self! We were watching it on [v] when she suddenly turn her head excitedly. At first, we thought she's attracted to the lights movement but through our little experiment of playing the song on CD, she did turn her head, trying to find where the song came from! That's a first! She loves Coldplay as much as we do!
Since last Saturday, she loves it (she actually laughed so hard) when I read her POppy Cat and Peekaboo Pets books. Hearing her laughter, priceless!
Oh yeah, hey baby! You turned 8 months today! You are getting taller and smarter each day... Can't wait to see what you are up to next. I'm so lucky that I have the luxury to watch her grow and be there to guide her through.

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