Friday, July 15

Hyper !

Aresha really get on my nerves last night. I was so tired coming home from pilates and yoga class @ 10pm. She usually sleeps at 12.30am the most but last night she kept on demanding attention , play with her toys and kept on going to the restricted areas until 4am! Poor dear, he had to take over from 3am when I can't deal with it anymore. I'm so exhausted and Aresha's 'hyperactiveness' made my mood switch into 'cranky mode'. Dear totally understand how tired I was last night and asked me to sleep. I didn't even change into my slips or took a shower! Imagine how tired I was. Ask my dear, it is a rare for me not to take a bath before I sleep. No matter how late, shower is a MUST!
While I'm writing this, she actually sleeps soundly, nothing could wake her up. My oh my, she's also developing this annoying habit of 'pretending to cry' whenever she didn't get her way. I can't bear hearing her 'fake cry'. Last night was a great challenge for me. To tell you the truth, I feel like pinching her, but my conscious mind refrain me from doing so. She's just a baby, that's her way of getting attention from me, not that she's lacking of it but that's how she communicate. She couldn't say it in words, a smart girl like Aresha knows that mommy and daddy will come and get her IF she make shrieking noise or fake a cry. It made me realize how big she is now. She sleeps less and play more. I wonder where she gets her energy from? Must be from my yummylicious milk, hehe.
On the other note, my yoga instructor commented on how good my performance was for a beginner. Yeay! I love hatha yoga. never thought that I'd sweat a lot from stretching and light movements, not to forget breathing!

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