Wednesday, July 15

I heart them!

It's not always that all of us three could hang out together.
Normally, just me & Nad or Ain et moi

This time we didn't plan much ahead, exchanging smses a week earlier, voila!
Last Saturday we were reunited!

So much has changed, physically & also emotionally ;)

I'm glad that Nad is moving to greener pasture now (believe me, you're doing great now!)
Ain also has her own great news which I won't elaborate until she post in her blog ;)
(Updated: She finally got transferred back to HKL on Monday, hooray!)

We didn't actually walk around, just moving from a cafe to another (which annoyed Aresha until she settled for pen & papers)
So much to talk about, luckily Zara slept most of the time.

Promised each other that we would do this more often, let's catch a movie next okay?

To be honest, it was a really short get-together. I already miss them when the day is over.

Babes, so glad that we found each other & become bffs after all these years!


Liea said...

love Ain hair , rambut baru ek?
Nad macam dah berisila
lil Zara dah pandai pandang camera & totally muka macam Faizal ...
awat cik Aresha tercengang tu?
Zach you always look happy!
Glad for all of you!!! :)

nads said...

thanks for the kind words babe, its tough but im getting to it!
marlia, yay! but this is enough! haha