Tuesday, July 10

7/7 Ride to Singapore

Has it been almost three years tht I left the Phantom seat of dear's '98 Springer for long rides?(read: more than 3 hrs)How fast time flies and I remember now, the farthest I've been since giving birth were Melaka and Kuantan. All done last year.
Singapore ride was so much awaited, I only slept a wink, mosquito bites didn't help at all, Aresha cries every 10 minutes, the tiny insect just love young fresh female blood eyy?
Well, to be honest when I have something to look forward to early in the morning (say, cooking for a party, a flight to catch, or wee bit too early ride like this) I can't sleep soundly, I have this alarm clock in my head snoozes every 15 minutes, a reminder tht I can't afford to overslept.

We were 10 minutes late et nous avons faim hence @ 5.30 am the 24 hours Golden Arches seems to be beaucoup tantalizing at that hour.Conveniently located at our meeting place by the roadside of Sg. Besi Highway, it was the most wholesome petit-dejeuner we've ever ate in months!
(Yeah, I make brekkie every single day but this is when we could sit without either dear rushing to go to work or yours sincerely counting calories)

The ride was pretty smooth , dear just had to take a nap at Ayer Keroh R&R,
I've already took mine on the bike, thank God for back rest! Lol!
After few fuel stop, we reached Gelang Patah soaking wet @10.30am when showers from Senai slowed us a bit. Wait till the road towards Tuas dried up and voila! after an hour stranded at the immigration, due to a change of wallet mistake and bike to be transported back to Johor border, we finally touched the ground of Lion City.

An unproductive day(read just lounging around HD dealership showroom for hours, waiting for the SG brothers to convoy to a member's daughter wedding in Woodlands)
It was fun meeting my Singapore sisters, learning that someone just got divorced and other personal stories that I dare not mention here, but deep inside I'm dying to get to Orchard which we did at 9pm and almost all shops are about to close.
Oops, the wedding was, how should I say it, they have great food from Biryani to Sup Tulang ala S'pore, rojak, lai (or len?) chi kang, scrumptious kueh-mueh and what looks like CupcakeMomma wedding cuppies.
We didn't know tht the bride & groom will come down @ 6 (that's when we left)
If only, we'd just stay since the Ipanema sandal tht I wanted to buy for Aresha is nowhere to be found :)

So the trip was merely about riding and buying lovely cotton prints for Aresha's dress. Oh, I forgot to mention tht Erie, rode with us and mama & future SIL, Siti took a bus and had a fab time shopping. It's okaylah I guess, at least they had a fruitful visit and we're coming back on the 1st August. Must check out Mustapha Center for imported cooking ingredients, cheap chocolates and cheese!


fariz said...

ipanema..klcc ada jual. kat stadium..sebelah kino

Zach Reza said...

haha ni la akibatnya kalau dah lama tak masuk mall.
Tak tau kat KL laagiiiiiii murah.
Thanks Kecik!