Sunday, July 1

Studioeight x Aresha Reza

I never noticed tht Lake Garden aka Tasik Perdana is such a beautiful place to hang out with family till Kecik suggested the location for Aresha's photoshoot.
We're terribly sorry that we arrived pretty late due to some miscommunication, hehe.
Luckily Man & Kecik managed to get great shots of her in just an hour.

Aresha who loves camera so much suddenly becomes tad shy as it's a new experience to be photographed by two professional photographers.

She's like, "apsal la uncle ni take so much pictures of me?"

More of the awesome shots can be seen at Studioeight which will have a new look designed by dearest Skuirtgun soon!

Can't wait to have a photobook of Aresha and the industrial inspired photo session with the orange chopper and '61 Beetle soon!

So, you think Aresha can be a mini model?


justthegirl said...

not sure if im heading to orchard..
u want to meet up? no prob..

and ohh im loving aresha's shots...y not involve her in kids modelling?

Anonymous said...

alahaii.. sgtla cute ini aresha! mcm budak besar dah!


Zach Reza said...

Anne -
I'm not sure when is the best time to meet, but will text you when we're heading there, prolly in the evening

Thinking abt taking her for casting, it's gonna be a hard work but why not try kan?

Matun -
Thanks! Yeap she has grown, so fast! If u wanna take pics of ur family like this, visit their website,they're really good! *promote kejap* hehe

Minxx said...

aresha can be super little model, mommy yg kena hardworking cari job nih , and daddy should worried about his little girl... hehehh