Wednesday, June 27

Roti John Malaysia/S'pore fusion style

Search for the recipe last night and conveniently found this yummy recipe from Resipidiana

Asked the mamak if he sells Roti John, bought Hot dog bun instead. Should be the same, only half the length.

Breakfast this morning, Roti John on the menu. Dear loves it! Then, just now I made it for Aresha and she asked for more albeit mommy swapped the bun with baguette. It tastes much better and more like authentic Singapore style.
If you're fan of Roti John, go indulge, make you own today!


justthegirl said...

so ur roti john is sg style eh?
i tink my nyai's the best...haha

im sure theres alot @arab st. u can also try spotlight @plaza singapura downtown, L5. other than that, i cant think of any good shops selling those psychedelic stuff...

she must look cute in flower power dresses. so ure coming next sure if u wanna meet up. i have a wedding to attend to that day. perhaps after long will u be here?

check ur email.

Zach Reza said...

hehe i think so la, i got the resipi from a S'pore foodblog.
Mestila grandma's always the best :)

Thanks a lot for your help Anne :)

can't wait to get those fabrics.
She's so into dresses now.
We'll we're going to SG for a wedding too, ntah2 ur fren kot? LOL!

I'm not sure where's the venue, Jurong prolly. I'll buzz u if we could squeeze some time. Arb st lagi, Orchard lagi..haha so little time so many places to go!
Must check out Hj Lane kan?

justthegirl said...

hah...diff staying in jurong tho...but the wedding in eastern side..

yea...but haji lane...all around the area is more happening at nite than day time...the lil shops that sells unique clothes n other peripherals...if daytime..there's nothing much there..

ok...enjoy ur trip...long ride down...

justthegirl said...'s an update..
if ure going to arab st...u can drop by the 'istana kampung glam" as there's a food fest going food to taste...on the weekends....except for the museum there...admission applies :)

Zach Reza said...

Thanks for the wonderful info!
Will definitely check it out, sounds like fun!

We'll be riding down on our bikes after Subuh and reach there around 11am.

Are u by any chance going to Orchard this weekend?

Carrie said...

Good for people to know.