Thursday, August 4

Ramadhan Kareem

Alhamdulillah, it has been 4 successful days for all three of us. I'm quite amazed on how strong-willed Aresha can be this time around. Less dramatic than last year (read: waking up for sahur) but she managed to pull it off like an adult. She actually eats and drinks less than us to survive till dawn. Wonder how did she gets the energy to go for both schools.

We decided to do it like 2009, just a kurma,drinks & kuih before solat,saving carbs for after. Eating everything in one sitting is a no,no. We didn't lose weight at all last year. Time for a change and also a challenge to create low carb menu.

So nice to feel lighter and being able to do other things including tarawikh when you're not stuffing yourself silly like previous years :)

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