Wednesday, September 21


Those who followed me on twitter and FB should've known by now.
Alhamdulillah. Allah loves me & gave me the best Ramadhan ever.
I'm utterly impressed with the change that I've seen in skuirtgun and it really is little thing that matters.

On my birthday I prayed and wished that Allah will guide me to be a good Muslim.
After my dearest wished me Happy Birthday we both cried in each other arms and told him,
"I will not ask anything as a birthday present as the changes I've seen in you is truly a blessing and all I ever wanted. From today on I want to be a better Muslim and I hope I'll have your support throughout,"

At 31,birthday present is not something I look forward to. I'm truly blessed with a happy family. Happiness is more precious than anything. He kept apologizing that my birthday present will be arriving late. So I told him,it doesn't matter. All his love for me all these years is the best gift ever. Sheesh why there's tears on the corner of my eye while typing this ;P

A week after raya,the day finally arrived, my precious Redmoon handbag. If you know me and him,you'd know why Redmoon,why not Mulberry,Birkin (haha for real?)or Chanel. Because, that is so not me.

I had THE best celebration with the family and THE best raya. Alhamdulillah

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