Tuesday, April 12


So we've been skating for a month now and kinda addicted to it. Woke up real early on weekends just to have Putrajaya Challenge Skatepark all for ourselves. We're no pro yet so it's kinda embarrasing to skate in the bowl and pool when there's so many good skaters flock the park in the evenings. Spotted Joe Ipoh and Pa'Din once. Also I do realized the guys are watching me because ,errm I'm a girl?
Aresha now skates with us and from sharing a deck we have 5 decks including a longboard. Thing is I need to master some skills before going on longboard. It's really really nice to sweat that much,soaked our tees for hours and go home feeling oh-so-good!
Gone are the days where weekends spent lazying around and going from malls to malls. We didn't miss that at all. In fact our kids love it as well.
Since last week,we woke up as early at 6.30am on Sunday/Saturday and started skating by 8.00am! It's gonna be a routine from now on. We even plan to skate in Bali in June. Globe skatepark looks awesome!

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