Wednesday, April 11

Phuket Bike Week/ Songkran

Dear left @ 8.15 this morning and departed from Sg Buloh R&R around 10 ish. It's a very long ride from KL to Hatyai (most probably as the initial plan was staying @ Trang/Krabi sans IMG S'pore) He called me from Tapah and Gurun 3.30 pm telling me tht he's soaking wet, raining all the way from Ipoh to Penang and the phone might not be working at all. It was confirmed tht before they continue their ride, dear rang me from a public phone, his mobile officially went kaput.
Hope it's just a false alarm. It's gonna be hard to reach him without it, maybe I have to call his IMG brothers.
I did all the cleaning and packing necessary for this pretty long trip. Now gonna go through all the lists that I've made, hope we didn't leave anything behind. Erie's gonna pick Aresha & I up after Maghrib.

Updated: His mobile works out just fine, received text from him "Still in Gurun, moto Apai rosak' Oh well, this things happen especially on long ride like this.

This is definitely Aresha's trip. Bought her a pretty roses bathing suit and water gun to play with @ Songkran on the 13th.
Gotta go now, need to prepare everything, and seems like Aresha's repacking the bag!

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