Thursday, April 19

Back to reality... after almost a week of vacation, it feels so hard to start my daily chores again. I miss the beaches, pool, shopping, Songkran already. Everything was so laid back in Patong.. we can even bring Aresha on our Harley sans helmet, yeay!

We had healthy brekkie every single day, ate Lays (20 baht only!), and drinking our favorite Honey-lime Green Spot! I'm aching for another beach break! We didn't have the time to enjoy the breathtaking views of Kata-Karon beach. I know Aresha didn't get enough of sand-castle making :)
Where to next? Going to Redang perhaps?


Anonymous said...

wah wah wah.. berholiday sakan rupanya dia... but y can't view the pictures?


zach said...

Yeap almost a week to Phuket. Such a breathtaking view and very deserving break from daily almost routine chores. Wish it could be longer :(

Now can view already, siang tadi blogger f***ed up kot.