Sunday, February 24

Little miss particular

Had a really busy weekend.

Dear has cravings for mak's mee kari (the best ever!) we spent the whole Saturday @ Cochrane.
Was tres delicioux I ate two bowls, plus countless servings of bubur jagung and spring rolls, yum!

Dear had a luncheon at Mandarin Oriental with his creative team celebrating Ogilvy1, number 6 in world rank!

It's unusual for us to wake up early on Sunday morning, while dear's having a feast at their buffet, Aresha and I had chicken rice at the foodcourt, lol!

Walk around with her, spent almost an hour @ Kinokuniya reading Dora adventures and Blues Clues and searching for toddlers toilet (It's KLCC dammit, most of them are out of service, can u believe that?)

She has a thing for potty and the miniature toilet, and recently we realized tht she is meticulous ala daddy dearest :) as in arranging her shoes facing forward, which tee goes with which pants/skirt etc

Such a daddy's girl eyy?

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