Monday, February 25

Alternative nation?

It's interesting tht living in this area made us unofficially subscribed to the alternative party campaign bulletin. 8 full pages of thought-provoking, somehow to good to be true(propagandha?)
I like their ideas anyway

What the ALTERNATIVE would do for the ppl (I can only speak for Selangor but no doubt the flyer would be applicable to all over Malaysia, Peninsular at least)

Health (this is the best part of the manifesto)

- 90 days of maternity leave
- 14 days paternity leave (this is heaven!)
- 30 days leave for wives who recently lost their husband
- free medical for 65 years and above

More to come! But if they could realize the 4 above I would vote for them, no hesitation at all.

Don't be like NATO, you get wht I mean right?


Anonymous said...

90 days maternity leave?
14 days paternity?? wohhhooo count me in!! ;)

i just found out yang i mengundi untuk dun REMBAU ok! hahaha... tak sabar rasanya nak pangkah2 muka si KJ :P


Zach Reza said...

I'd kill for a chance to pangkah2 tht 'monkey'face!
*evil grin*