Saturday, August 7

Daddy's girls

I wish I had pictures like these with papa. Well, we did have beautiful pictures together when I was younger. Then again, if only digital camera exists back then.

How can I compare their relationship with mine and papa?

They look forward to daddy coming home everyday while papa had bigger responsibilities to the country and constantly being away from us. But I remember, no matter how 'fierce' he was I'm always his baby girl. He'd come and visit me every chance he could when I was in uni. Fond memories of hanging out and exclusive time together :)

I'm sure he's having a hint of disappointment that I'm no longer his baby girl, now that I'm married. Recently, he asked me & my girls on a roadtrip to Tapah. I have to (with heavy heart) declined as it's on  a weekday and skuirtgun couldn't bear sleeping alone :P He understood and told me I made a good choice, to be a good wife, Alhamdulillah.

I wish I could clone myself and be at different places at one time.

I may be near, yet so far but you're always in my heart pa!

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Liea said...

the girls are so cute... married life? yeah i miss my abah too la Zach...