Monday, May 26

Alang's engagement

We have a new addition in the family (next year insya Allah)
Alang just got engaged last month 26th May in Bangi.
It was a short and sweet ceremony, filled with laughter and joy :)
Rini's side wasn't very fussy and they already agreed beforehand on the syarat-syarat.

I rarely go to engagement ceremony and this is one is just perfect.
We are excited to welcome Rini to the family as she's such a nice girl and got along with us really well.

Here's looking forward to go to Kota Bharu next year and experience the wedding Kelantan style!

Our future sis-in-law

us with newly-engaged couple (note how tall is the younger brother?)

The Reza's family of 5 boys, mak and spouses

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