Wednesday, June 14


Holiday is over, and I must say I had much needed rest while nestling @ mom's place. There's always someone watching over Aresha and mama never ask for help when she's cooking. AS if I'm on school hols, hehe.

Managed to bake carrot cake, cookies and cheese cake as an added bonus :)

I kinda miss mama today :( She's already safely landed in Labuan (my uncle Khir's place)She maybe vocal, but at least she's being straight-in-yer-face. I don't mind her nagging and high pitched voice. I miss it, more than ever!

My biggest pet peeve is ppl being ultra super nice in front of me but behind my back they're talking bad about me. Please, I can take your criticism, and I rather be told about what I did wrong than knowing it from other sources. Don't get your drama in front of me cause I'm done being nice.
Sorry dear, I don't mean to put u torn in between but this is just who I am. I choose not to talk and just do whatever, as long as it doesn't concern anybody.
I'm on not-so-nice mode.

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