Saturday, July 1

breaking news

Which one would you like to hear first? Good news or bad news?
I have both, well, since I haven't updated for a while I should start with something good to hear eh?

As a result of my previous entry, I'm now back to chirpy mode again, albeit living in my own private life, no need to elaborate more on that, enough to say that I'm now ignoring the elements that made me feel sad, mad and furious. Tho' my heart (and belly, of course) is aching for home made food, I'm satisfied with 'tapau' food for a while. This is dear's suggestion and I'm quite happy with it.

Last Thursday we went for a very short break to Genting with the whole of dear's family (minus the sight for sore eyes of course) and I can't believe how I could be so ecstatic, like a five year old jumping on every ride that I could. In fact, I enjoyed the theme park more than my 19 months baby girl! Check out my flickr for more pics.

Just received a letter from Fisher Price indicating that Aresha had won another Look-A-Like contest we entered before going off to Europe last year. Hey, it's a consolation price but,it's a new toy for Aresha!

what else, what else? Oohhh, 9 more days to watch Coldplay in action which means sorry to my good buddy Zaidi, I have to miss your wedding this Sunday since the date is too near to our Singapore trip :(

Germany has secured their place to the semis as they won penalty 4-2 against Argentina. Dear predicts that England and Germany will kick their way to the final.(He has his RM10 worth of money on these two, lol! He's always an England fan!) I, on the other hand would really want to see Zizu cast his magic in the final of World Cup, adding a wonderful end to his career in football.

I found this brilliant site while google'ing' for best tiramisu and cheesecake recipes. Micheal Chu is a genius, he's an engineer, mind you.

And the best news of all.... I've just got another freelance job from McK/i/n/s/e/y!
I'm not gonna screw up this time, who knows if this could be permanent. Gonna start early in the mornig, shouldn't take too long as it's only 2-3 pages of translation.

It's gonna be a full day tomorrow with scheduled work(aha! how I miss that word), footie @ 11pm and 3 am. Dinner with my uncle Khir's family all the way from Labuan plus squeezing here and there to MerryGoRound flea market for babies' stuff @ Bangsar Village, accompanying my bro to scrutinize (lol!) the Sportster he's about to buy, sending my Jakarta kebaya to a tailor, might be buying Bell & Ross' watch for a bargain...Wow, you can sit around do nothing for 5 days and have one day full of things to do!

Ok,now it's hard for me to start with the bad news :( but I really have to mention this as an Ambassador, I'm in disbelief when receiving an email from Casey Fenton saying thatCouchsurfing is no longer exists. I thought this is just another prank from a hacker whatsoever but in my horror, the website is gone what's left is a sad note from Casey. I lost lists of friends we've made thru CS. I don't even have their email addresses to tell you the truth :( CS changed our life and just when our dream of hosting CSers about to come true, they lost their precious database and left with nothing to recover. My heart goes out to Casey as he's done all his might to save his project from going down the drain but... I just hope we could build up this community again, rise up even if it takes another 2-3 years to get back to what we are now. With fingers crossed, even if they need some funds, we'll help in any way we could.

there goes the summary of my almost 14 days of what's up and down in my so-called less ordinary life. I shall blog more, later!

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