Friday, August 20

Quote"But you know.... when you're in the LRT and a woman is standing in front of you and you're not exactly sure if she's preggers or just a bit rounder around the tummy.... what do you do? Risk insulting her by giving up your seat OR just pretend to be asleep and not notice that she is there?" end of quote

Hmm interesting piece. If this is what people think of me each time I take the LRT, I'd never be offered a seat, NEVER! As far as I can remember there's only one incident when I was 4 months pregnant, a nice Chinese girl actually got up and gave her seat to me. She's actually have doubt about my pregnancy in a first place. The situation goes like this,
Two girls were whispering in Cantonese
All I could understand was "I don't know"
Finally one got up and asked me to sit
Her friend apologized to me
"I'm sorry, didn't notice/not sure that you're pregnant'
"it's ok, still early (the pregnancy) anyway,'
and I had a big smile afterwards.

That was the first and last...People are so ignorant nowadays. Most of them pretend that they don't see me or worse, sleep all the way to their destination. I used to notice courteous behaviour in S'pore MRT, where people still give pregnant women and senior citizen seats, but during my last visit, it has changed. The first thing I'll teach my children is these little things, that matters the most, if not for typical Malaysian, to me, at least.

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