Thursday, August 19

Sunshine :))

I admired dear so much, not because he's my beloved hubby but at how he see things. He rarely take things too seriously, emotionally like I did. He can always figure out the positive side of almost everything. That makes him such a noble person. I wonder, how can someone stay calm when things doesn't go his/her way? Maybe, I'm still not mature enough to understand or was I born to be rebellious? (heheh)

See, we are totally opposite in terms of personality but I realize that I did toned down, become calmer since I met dear. I used to raise my voice when I'm furious, sulk when I didn't get what I wanted, shed tears when I couldn't cope with something. Dear was having a hard time to understand me when we were dating. It took him 6 years and a Carat Club diamond ring to change me.

I was feeling down today and he made me feel alive and happy once more! I don't know how he did it, but it works! Thanks dear for being a sunshine in my life ( sounds corny, eh? but it's true!)
Love you lots!

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stellar said...

gotcha! found yah! fun reading!