Thursday, August 19

Life is..

I'm not feeling very well this past 2 days. Today, I woke up with a strange taste in my throat. It's like gases were filling my esophagus. Went to Putrajaya Hospital yesterday to register myself for delivery. I have to bring a reference letter from my current obstetrician in order to check myself in there. A bit frustrating tho'. No wonder I was told by someone that you'll be send away even when you're about to give birth, without that piece of letter. Oh well, luckily my appointment is due on this Saturday. Anyway, the hospital is comparable with any private ones, but they only ask for minimal fees. Yes, giving birth is not cheap. A normal delivery would cost you RM 1700 in a private hospital and can go up to RM10k if you have complications or have to undergo c-section surgery. That doesn't include preparations for the baby, nappies, cribs,clothes,bottles and what not.

Enough of that, it's not that I'm not happy having this baby, I'm soooo overjoyed! It's just the hassle of going through procedures made me feel so down.

I reluctantly drag my feet out of the hospital and as my dad were circling around Putrajaya, trying to find our way out, we accidentally found this beautiful house right behind the hospital. I'm sure the price wouldn't be as much as the one mama and papa live in right now,USJ. It is so peaceful here and what stops us from not buying this particular house, is that we haven't sold the old one in Johore. I can see the disappointment in mama's eyes, really wish I could help. If only I have a 4 figure paycheck right now.

Lunch at Jusco, Puchong. I'm gonna get a crib as a gift from ma and pa. Too bad it wasn't on sale . These days I felt so guilty receiving gifts from them. I'm a graduate,married. I'm suppose to help them out with anything I could not the other way around. All I could do now is spending as much time with them. I have 2 homes to attend to. 2 big responsibilities as a child and a wife. Last night I didn't wash dear's socks 'cause I'm too exhausted from my day trip.Even a very comfy Nike Cortez made my feet swell. Today, he has nothing fresh to wear. It seems like a teeny weeny stuff but if I couldn't do this how am I gonna cope with bigger challenges?

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