Thursday, August 12

My favorite thing

I hope I'm not living in a fairytale. ' though sometimes I feel like a loser not having a career like everybody else but I'm blessed with love all around me. I know what I might wrote next may make you all want to puke, but I don't care. Since I got married, life turns out to be such a bliss. I'm lucky to have a very loving hubby, who loves me unconditionally. This morning as dear's on his usual 'finding the right tee-shirt' (he's a designer, who had never wear office attire in his life!) routine, he asked me to find one for him. I laughed 'cause I know my choice would never suit his taste. So, he bumped into his favorite tee and asked me whether he looks fat on it? Oh, dear, don't be so obsessed with your weight, you look fine to me. I'll let you know when you become' gemuk', hehe. It's the same tee he wear every week!

"Hmm..baju tu pulak jadi favorite"
"The only favorite thing in my life that will never change is you,"

Wow! Who would've thought he'd come out with such lovely words this early in the morning?
It's really sweet.
I'vel never ask for so much things in life except for a cuddle every night, our great pillow talk and his undying love for me. Yeah, yeah... we've only been married for 7 months now but we've known each other for 6 years and it still feels the same if not more than ever.

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