Monday, August 16

Baby's denim jacket

Marlia picked me up at home around 2pm. She's a good friend, one of the great ones I'm sure. Now I really feel guilty that I didn't invite her on my wedding. I'm so keras hati. Let's just forget the past and enjoy what we have now. Went to KLCC.. It's been ages since the last time she's there. Unlike me pulak, every week mesti pegi KLCC, if not to watch movie, just pass by on my way to Putra lrt. Parking je sampai 7 bucks. Mahalnyaaaa.. nasibla we haven't own a car yet, but when the baby comes..have to la..Starving.. lunch at A&W..cold Mozza burger. The worst fast food joint I've ever been too. Really regret spending my money there, such a waste.
Then we walk around, looking for baby clothes. Lots of nice and cheap ones at Parkson. AVENT products sold here are cheaper than the ones at Mothercare, cekik darah! Marlia urged me to go inside of Baby Guess. At first I was reluctant, remember the promise not to spoil the baby? On a second thought, I went in..since I didn't bring so much cash, maybe I could refrain myself from buying. The clothes are no doubt, soooo cuuuuteeeeeee. Prices not bad too! Saw a knit cardi for RM39. Neat! Then my eyes were glued on a denim jacket for the same price. What a bargain!!
Nak tak nak, gelek la kledit kad. Dah gelek baru terfikir, mesti dear marah ni.
Sorry dear, I really have to buy this one, it's so damn cute!
Thank God that dear also think that the jacket will look really nice on our baby. His only concern, 'Nanti baby pakai kejap je kan? Tak sempat nak berjalan' clearly tagged 6 months. Unless she's a super fast one la, haha.

Penatnya.. after a long walk around the shopping center. Change to my cotton dress, slept until morning. Suddenly I realized that dear is right beside me, with his arms wrapped around my waist. Still,it's only 1am. Maybe he's too tired from his workouts. He made a pact not to eat rice starting from tomorrow. Betul2 punya diet! Best of luck my dear!

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