Sunday, August 15

Had so much fun with dearie. Started the day early, breakfast with mama and papa at their favorite mamak called Sri Melur in USJ 17. Topic of the day, AF lah apa lagi! Actually we planned to have breakfast at McD. I'm really craving for it since like, months!But papa kinda insist us to have breakfast with them. Takpelaa.. tak sampai hati pulak. Erie has already gone to work. Instead of Sausage McMuffin, we had tosai, roti canai and roti boom along with teh tarik. At least we made mama and papa happy. After that, we headed to Bangsar's HD. We were thinking of booking some stuffs that will be on sale but the stupid boutique manager aka Milah, didn't even prepare a thing! The staffs were complaining and our plan were shattered by this so called manager stupidity. Lapar balik, baby Zaheen ni mmg kuat makan laa..Excuses, excuses.. Ordered the Big Breakfast. The tables were decorated with IKEA's colourful stripes placemat and a vase of plastic rose. Tak pernah pulak pegi McD yg go all the way with their table decorations. I was the one eating most of the muffin/burger. Dear is really on diet. So proud of him. Lotsa parents bringing their children for breakfast. One day, we'll bring our baby here. Really can't wait to have this baby delivered. It's kinda fun waking up early in the morning, instead of wasting our day by sleeping all day during the weekends. Should've done this a long time ago. Morning breeze is sooo heavenly. It's really nice of dear to spend time with me, when his friends asked him to join them for a ride to Kuantan(using the new highway, heard that it'll only take 1 1/2 hour). I don't mind if he wanted to go, as riding is his life, his passion but he chose to be with me.

Lepak in front of the boutique. Met a new friend, fellow biker and enthusiast, just like my dear Reza. I can see from dear's eyes that he finally met someone that could share his passion. And this Kuryakin guy (just like the air cleaner, ha!) build his own bike frame! WOw! If his attempt succeed, dear's definitely gonna ask him to made a rigid frame, the one he's been dreaming off. Nak pakai Sucker Puch Sally's..gonna take like 2-3 years. Jesse James' WCC lagi laa berjanggut. Price range between 5k to 20k! Ready je la for some real pain in the ass, haha! While listening to them, I remember that I have a friend working at San Francisco Coffee If I'm lucky, I'm gonna get a free Chocolate Ice Blended. And yes!She's there! Tak sia-sia jalan kaki sorang2.

Around 1pm we finally make a move to BSC. Dear shopping Levi's lagi. He's like a real walking model of Levi's nowadays. Oh yeah, before that we went to Motherclub (betul ke ni?) to survey the price for our baby essential needs. Clothing prices were outrageous here, so we went straight to AVENT products, baby carrier, bath basin etc. But, the clothes especially for baby girls are sooo cute, the little cardigans (which is definitely not applicable for Malaysian weather, unless if you're bringing your child to TGV or Genting,hehe) We've promised each other not to spoil our little baby with expensive clothes. However we've already eyeing ourselves on tiny Adidas and Cortez. Secretly, I wanted to buy pretty clothes for baby Zaheen when I have my own paycheck soon! I saw a cute little baby girl, just learning to walk on her feet and his father watching her admiringly or maybe proudly. Is Zaheen gonna look like that? Eee bila baby mummy nak keluar ni?

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