Thursday, August 5

To teach or not to teach

Yesterday I received a letter from Kementerian Pendidikan, which says that I'm accepted to sit for the MTeST exam on the 14th. Hmmm.. ingatkan dah kena blacklist. I didn't go for the last year's interview. This year is tougher and mama told me that 40,000 applied for the January 2005 intake. Last year, I didn't go because they won't allow you to get married when you enrol in the college. So, this time.. kena bawak perut pulak for the test. It will be in 9 days time and I couldn't find anything on the net to prepare for it. Belasah je? It's a good back up plan, manalah tau I won't be getting any decent job after delivering my baby. But, to be bound with 7 years contract of teaching is kinda too long! Is it worth it? 7 years is such a long time! Maybe I'm destined to be a teacher. All this while when people ask me why I didn't become a teacher, my answer would be , not interested. It's time to change my mind since I'll be having a baby soon. Teaching means more time and education privilege for my baby. I'm always scared of students who would think that I'm too small to be a teacher. Anyway, let's just keep our finger crossed. Hope that the 2 and a half hour test will run smooothly and I'll be called for the interview. Hopefully, the interview won't be scheduled on November. Cikgu Zach? Yeah, right!

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