Saturday, July 24

It's a girlllllllllllll!!!

3rd appointment, APSH 9am. I'm 4th in the line. The obstetrician, Dr. Asha is not even in yet. We brought along our video camera today. Gonna find out whether the baby is a girl or boy. I wish it's a boy so that he could look up to my dearie. On the other hand, dear kinda knew that it's gonna be a girl since we couldn't figure out the sex for the last two visits. Last night, we even made a bet that whoever loses should buy Ice Blended Mocha and Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake. Fair enough, even though I want it to be.. a lifetime duty of washing the baby's poo. Hehe. Dear totally rejected my idea. He'd do everything else except for that. Takpe, takpe.. I'll find a way to make you do it. Haha!
My heart race each time the other mother-to be came out of the room. I'm really nervous to find out what my baby would be. I did the regular weight and blood pressure rate. For the first time, they took my urine. As I walk to the washroom, I saw through the corner of my eyes that people were checking on me. What the *&%*? Is it the way I dress? (I'd never be caught dead wearing maternity clothes) Or did I look too young to be pregnant? I seriously don't understand why. Even one of the nurse gave me a weird look as she passes me.
Anyway, half an hour later, we were called in.

The door was half-opened. Having a hard time to squeeze myself between a chair and the door.
Dr. Asha was laughing.

'Takdela besar sangat, kan?"

Felt so silly. Well, as soon as I made myself comfortable on the chair, I started to pop out all the questions that has been in my mind the whole month. Heck, I even write it down on a post-it-note, in case I forgot what to ask.

The note reads like this,

What I should ask the Obstetrician tomorrow
1) why does my tummy stretch so much?
2) Pain on lower abdomen
3)my weight- Normal or too much?
4) Ante-natal classes, necessary or not?

It really calms me down when I knew that everything that I experienced is NORMAL! By the way I gained 10kgs since I got pregnant. Matilaaa nak get in shape nanti!

Ultrasound check....nervous gilerrr!! The last 2 checkups, the baby was so shy to show off his/her genitalia. Kept his/her legs crossed all the time. Chitt!! Today, the moment that we've been waiting for.
From the screen, we can see that the baby has grown so big now. Big, round head, cute little nose and the legs are apart! Dear asked dr's permission to record the whole process.
"Boy ke girl, doktor?"
"Macamana nak tau it's a girl or boy?"
"See, this part...(pointing at the pelvic area)"

Memang girl punnn... lagi tak puas hati... Ye lah.. I lost the bet.

Wow! I felt the rush to my head. Already imagining how my baby would look like. Eee tak sabarnya!!
Dear seems so happy..Boleh bawak on his Harley, macam bawak girlfriend. Chehh!!

Sempat Dr. Ashar joking,
"Ha, lepas ni boleh la beli baju pink"

Smiling all the way home. Couldn't stop talking about the baby sampai dear tertido and I smiled from ear to ear in my sleep. (That's what my dear said to me when we woke up)

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