Saturday, July 17

A rush of...

I learned some life lessons today. Been talking to 2 German guys over the subject of kids and Malaysian driving ethics. These 2 guys mind you, are all enough to be my father and they were very wise and opiniated. Both divorced and have only one daughter from their marriage. Klause and TJ actually came to me and Kak Nori and all of sudden chatting from one topic to another after Kak Nori told them that I'm gonna have a baby. They said having a baby is a beautiful thing and the experience is something that you couldn't trade with anything else in this world.  Suddenly I felt so touched by their words and a rush of joy came into my head. Wow! I can't wait to have this baby!!Malaysian men rarely talks obout the joy of having a baby, so deep with emotion and love that I almost cried. Klause talked with his eyes shined so bright and smile from ear to ear.Today I felt like everybody really cared about me. everyone I met at HD (these are leather clad bikers, mind you. Who would've thougt that they could be so sensitive) either adviced me or dear not to take me on hte Springer anymore. At least, be careful, extra careful. Yeah, you got that right, I'm still riding on the back of dear's Harley in my 6 months pregnancy. Call me crazy but we really know what we were doing. So, don't come to us, especially my dear Reza and say'Gila kau, bahaya bawak Zach naik moto mcm ni' He'd get so pissed off. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

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