Tuesday, March 29


It was 12.49am last night, we both found it while surfing the net. Living in a double-storey terrace, we didn't feel anything. Not even hearing dogs barking and stuffs like that.
I'm sure most of the people living/working in high rise buildings in Klang Valley felt it. It's a real shock to us. Flipping thru the tv channels none of 'em has breaking news on the earthquake outbreak. Slowwww btolll tv Malaysia ni.
We rely solely on the internet.

"A major earthquake -- with a magnitude 8.7 -- struck off the west coast of Indonesia late Monday, killing hundreds on the island of Nias, but fears of another tsunami like those that devastated the region in late December faded early Tuesday."
read more of this @www.cnn.com

Phuket Bike Week is just shy from 14 days away. We pray that our friends there are not affected in any away by the earthquake. As for us, we'll wait for any warning signs, to cancel the ride. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

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