Friday, March 25


Aresha couldn't sleep soundly last night.I thought it's just normal or maybe she overlslept during the day but she actually down with fever this morning. Her head is slightly warm but her body is ok. I slept with her during the day. Cuddling her, wishing it will make her better.She had to reposition, maybe feeling so uneasy or the warmth of her body make her uncomfortable. Despite the fever,she's actually not fussy,it's as if everything's just fine.

My roomie@UPM Rozel called me this evening with great news. She handpicked me to indulge in a workout package namely Fit for 2(For mommy and baby, yippee yeay!)Finally, I'm on my way to shed few pounds, doing it with Aresha and it's FOC!
Thanks babe I owe you one! Mommy and baby are on our way looking fabulous!Hehe.

Ask dear to buy Kool Fever for Aresha. This thing could last for 6 hours!A bit pricey tho' RM 15 for 6pcs but.. it really works! Her body temperature lowered after 4 hours and she seems to resume her turn-over-play routine.

We'll see tomorrow, if she's back to the pink of health, we'll ride to S'pore. If not, I wouldn't mind staying home with my baby.

*updated: 4.35am and I'm still up accompanying my dearie doing his mock-ups for MAS. We decided not to go tho' Aresha's status is pretty good. Dearie haven't got his rest /sleep, yet. I, myself wouldn't allow him to ride when he didn't get enough rest.
Dear would take me out for dinner tomorrow. I guess I can forget my diet for a while since I've already have an exercise regime waiting for me. Ha! ;)

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