Wednesday, March 23

Net shopping

Took Aresha to JJ. She's such a sweetie.So quiet, in her own world with Lamaze's knot block in her hands. She slept for a while waking up, gazing at bright colured objects. No fuss just enjoying her stroll.Mak bought her Peter Rabbit's cutleries. So cuuutee and it's on 70% discount too! Todays she's wearing a cream coloured long sleeved onesie and pink striped pants. Daddy said it makes you look thinner la baby.

I'm getting an Avent food warmer for $45, from S'pore. Went into a forum and it was on sale. It costs RM277 here. Crazy! So here I am finding bargains for baby stuffs now. Still boiling my pump and bottles..looking for cheaper sterilizer. You just gotta be smart. If you can find something cheaper on the net, buy it! Since we have so many friends in S'pore, and we're coming down to the Lion city this saturday, this is a great opportunity.

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