Thursday, February 4

Better late than never!

I've always wanted to use cloth diaper but didn't start immediately after Zara's born until she's ONE!
Went to a shop in Bangsar Village & give Gro baby a try, as expected she did no 2 the first time!
It's quite easy actually, just remove the soil, don't worry about the stain.
Once you wash it (machine wash,hot) it will be gone!
So I've just got 2 sets & extra 2 soakers. She'll be disposable diaper-free starting from..... tonight!


Liea said...

Suka!!! (Isk aku ni apa plak yang aku suka kan? ) Aku berangan my born baby wearing those... mukakakaka bila la tu...

Zach Reza said...

babe, I'd lend them to you when the baby comes, Amiin!