Friday, September 5

cloth vs disposable diapers

being an aspiring environmentalist (well, try to recycle as much at least) I'm drawn to articles written in Parents magazine where they have discussion over cloth diapers.

These are unlike the cloth diapers our parents used to put on us, complete with safety pin and plastic covers.
Cloth diapers are so cute and you'll help saving the environment as well :)

14 reasons why you should be using (or at least considering using) cloth diapers

1-Keeps Baby Dry
Baby is comfortable and less cranky due to diaper discomfort. Happy baby equals happy mommy and daddy.

2-Incredible Diaper Savings
You can save thousands of dollars over the course of three years - more if you use the same for a second child. Plus, you won't be spending money on expensive diaper rash creams, diaper pail liners or wasting gas running to the store each week to buy diapers. The savings really add up!

3-Eliminates / Treats Diaper Rash
No more costly trips to the pediatrician and no more goopy, sticky ointments and butt pastes. Yuck.

4-Healthy for our Environment
Millions and millions of diapers end up in our landfills each year. You can do your part by making this world a better place for your baby by ditching disposables and opting for cloth diapers. It is 100% reusable. No waste and no constantly buying expensive diaper refills like some of the hybrid cloth/disposable options.

4-Adjustable Sizes
Cloth diapers grow with your baby due to its unique multiple snap placements. You can adjust each to snugly fit your baby's waist and legs.

5-No Messy or Wet Leaks
enable you to customize the absorbency, so you don't have to worry about leaky diapers. The free microterry insert provided with each is super absorbent; and if your baby is a heavy wetter, simply stuff two inserts or another absorbent material inside the pocket. Also, designed with reinforced leg casings to ensure no messes escape.

6-Stays Beautiful Wash after Wash
stay beautiful wash after wash. No pilling or fraying nor staining.

7-Leg Casings!
What are Leg Casings? That's our slang for encased leg elastic which exist not for aesthetic measures but to double as mock "leg dams" to serve as assurance that everything will stay where it is supposed to be. No leaks. No mess. No fleece to "poke" back in the diaper.

8-Durable Diapers
made with high tech fabrics that are easy to wash and care for. They are durable enough to last wash after wash and last through multiple children, saving you money and offering you peace of mind.

9-Super Trim Fit
Traditional cloth diapers can be bulky. Plus, the adjustable snaps allow the baby to fit snuggly around BOTH your baby's waist and legs. No mores sagging pants!

10-Easy to Use
Simply stuff 'em and they are ready to go! A favorite of daycares, grandmas and even dads! FuzziBunz™ were invented by a mom who didn't have time to mess with hard-to-use diapers and who wanted something that was easy to use, easy to wash and easy on the eyes.

11-High Sanitation Standards
developed so that there would be no need for swirling, dunking, spraying or soaking diapers. The two part pocket system ensures your diapers get super clean. Plus, you will spend less time washing, bleaching, sunning or doing all of that "old fashioned" stuff grandma used to do to her diapers. And best of all, it always look clean wash after wash.

12-Quick Drying
The two part pocket system not only is a breeze to clean but also dries in a flash, lowering your energy bill.

13-Maximum Comfort for Baby
You will have satisfaction that your baby is totally comfortable . Only super soft polar fleece touches your baby's skin. There are no pins to poke, no Velcro to scratch or stick and no crunchy plastic pants to rub against your baby's delicate skin. Because your baby is in diapers every day for three years, you want to make sure those three years are spent in comfort.

Your baby will be the most stylish baby on the block. come in more than 20 colors and designs. From bubblegum pink to lime green.


MINXX said...

babe.. masa aku planning nak baby last year, i found one malay woman jual benda ni. memula mahal gak if not mistaken rm300 plus for starter, but for enviroment & baby why not kan? banyak jenis ler babe... erm.. one more thing I like the colour & some of them ada pattern lagi...

Zach Reza said...

How can I contact her? I saw online pun a bit pricey tapi for a start je la, in the long run, saves a lot ni!

Yeap they have so many brands and patterns, cute!

MINXX said...

alah sayang, tuh kat my old laptop.. i siap save lagi website, tapi sayangnya laptop lama gue jadi biru, semua hilang, if i'm not mistaken dia tinggal kat seremban.. nanti i try look that for you again dear

nads said...

go here you-
u'll be spoilt for choices

Zach Reza said...

Marlia, thanks for the links :)

Nads, wow the link u gave me, spot on! Now dunno which one should I buy ;) Thanks dear!

Anonymous said...

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